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My name is Leah, and I am an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, who is very passionate about helping children of all abilities reach their full potential.  I strongly believe that by working in collaboration with the child’s family, and by viewing children’s development in an holistic manner, best outcomes can be achieved.

I have 10 years experience working with children in a range of early childhood settings, including preschools, and long day care environments.  This has seen me have the pleasure of working with babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, some of whom have had additional special needs, including cerebral palsy, vision impairment, Down’s Syndrome, global developmental delay, learning disabilities, and Autism.

I absolutely love working with children, and seeing them achieve, little bit by little bit, and for this reason I decided to create See Me Shine Kids for families of children aged 0-8 years who want the very best for their child.

For children with additional special needs and their families See Me Shine Kids will provide families with Activity Based Early Intervention classes for their child.  This has come about after years of seeing young children with disabilities participating in programs that forget that a child with a disability, is a child first and foremost, a child who is part of a family, and community.  Hours and hours of time is often spent with the child participating in isolated activities, that do not reflect the child’s interests or age, or other family values and lifestyle, and therefore cause undue stress on the child and family.  I believe  that by providing an alternative early intervention program for young children with additional special needs, children will thrive, and families will feel empowered!

For families who have children getting ready for school See Me Shine Kids will provide them the opportunity to have their child aged 2-5 years, participate in a developmentally appropriate literacy and school readiness curriculum, that has an evidence base behind it – in other words – IT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO WORK! For those children aged 5-8 years who are struggling with literacy and numeracy See Me Shine Kids will provide one on one tutoring to help them gain confidence in foundation academic skills.

See Me Shine Kids philosophy regarding how to teach young children to read is based on using a synthetic phonics approach, with a strong emphasis on the teaching of phonological awareness skills.  Being able to blend and segment individual letter sounds to make words, gives young children a strong foundation to later reading success in Kindergarten, and beyond.

See Me Shine Kids online toyshop and toy subscription service, will make shopping for children’s toys easier, by having quality toys for children of all abilities in the one place.

See Me Shine Kids school readiness kits will help families participate in developmentally appropriate activities at home, all of which will be designed to give your child a strong foundation in skills needed for the early years of school. 

Welcome to the See Me Shine website, we can’t wait to see your child shine!!!!

Coordinator, Early Childhood Teacher, Special Needs Consultant

Leah xxx

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