Activity Based Early Intervention

​Do you have a child with a developmental delay or diagnosed disability?

Do you want an early intervention program for your child that can fit in with your family's lifestyle, needs and values?

Do you want an early intervention program that views your child holistically - that is, a program that acknowledges that your child is a child first, a child with their own personality, interests, likes and dislikes?

Is your child 0-8 Years? 

If you answered yes to the above questions then Activity Based Early Intervention is very likely to be suitable for your child, and your family. 
What is Activity Based Early Intervention (ABEI)? Activity Based Early Intervention is a means of helping young children with disabilities and developmental delays, by embedding their therapy goals into everyday activities, play experiences, and daily routines. 

The advantage of this approach is that the therapy activities chosen are easily integrated into the daily routines and play experiences that the child would normally participate in on any given day. This not only means that the whole family can easily be involved in the child's therapy program, but the activities chosen are typical of those experienced by the family, and other children of the same age without a disability, which makes practicing skills and concepts a little easier. 

Typical Questions?

My child has a speech delay and we are working on the target word ‘more’, and ‘finished’.  I’m very busy as my other daughter has swimming lessons to attend.  How can ABEI help my child?

In this situation an activity that might be targeted as a suitable activity would be playing games in the swimming pool.  While your daughter is at swimming lessons, you may be able to take your child with additional special needs into the water as well.  Playing in the water is an ideal context to practicing your child’s target words, more and finished.

My child has Down’s Syndrome and is learning to cruise along the furniture.  They attend a local child care centre.  Can ABEI be implemented while my child is in daycare?

Yes, ABEI can easily be incorporated into both daycare and home environments.  At home creating opportunities for your child to cruise along furniture to obtain a favourite toy could easily be incorporated into most families routine.  Secondly while at daycare early childhood staff could easily incorporate your child’s ABEI activities into the childcare routine as they are often play based.  For example, putting playdough onto a table and encouraging your child to cruise around the table to play with the dough and cookie cutters would be a fun, age appropriate experience for not just your child, but the other children in your child's class as well. 

What therapy goals can activity based early intervention address? ABEL can improve your child's:
• Physical skills, both fine and gross motor.
• Expressive and receptive language, and communication skills.
• Social skills
• Self help skills
• School readiness 

ABEL can also improve family relationships as all family members, including siblings, can be involved in helping the child with additional special needs, It should also be noted that whenever possible activities are chosen that improve the child's ability to function within the family and community in an age and culturally appropriate manner. 

Still interested? Then please email Leah for information regarding individual or small group early intervention classes. 


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