School Readiness Classes ‘Ready for Kindy, Ready for Life’

The early years of a child’s life are so important! It is the time when play and learning go hand in hand.  The child’s brain is forming the connections it needs to allow your child to develop concepts important for later learning and development.

School readiness classes run by ‘See Me Shine Kids’ extend on the skills your child has developed in the first years of life. 

Each class is tailored to meet your child’s individual needs given their age and developmental skills.  As a guide though the classes are run either individually, or in small groups – no more than 6 children at a time, so that your child can receive individual care and attention.

By attending See Me Shine Kids School Readiness Classes you can be assured that your child is:

• Participating in a curriculum that is developed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher with over 10 years experience in early childhood, and who has a Masters Degree in Special Education.

• Getting the best possible head start in terms of their readiness for school.  Each activity that your child participates in is giving your child a strong foundation in a wide range of basic skills that are needed by children in their first years of school.

A strong emphasis is placed on developing children’s self-esteem and confidence.  When children feel good about themselves they learn better, develop better friendships, have stronger social and communication skills, and have a much better chance at achieving better academic outcomes at school.

Some of the concepts that your child will learn include:

2-3 years – 45min classes

          Colours, Shapes and Sizes


          Matching, Sorting and Classifying

          Book Handling Skills and Rhyming

          Social Skills and Learning to Think

          Talking and Listening

          Fine Motor Skill Development

          Vocabulary Development

3-4 years – 1hr classes

          Colours, Shapes and Number Sense Skills

          Counting and Number Recognition

          Visual Discrimination and Problem Solving

          Social Skills

          Talking, Listening and Comprehension

          Fine Motor Skills – Cutting and Pre-Writing

          Vocabulary Development

4-5 Years – 1hr classes

          Number Sense Skills

          Number Stories

          Meaningful Maths

          Book Handling Skills and L-R Orientation

          Rhyming and Syllables

          Phonological Awareness and Vocabulary Development

          Letters, Sounds and Phonics

          First Words and Sentences

Year 2  Tutoring Kinder – 1hr classes

          Reading comprehension

          Reading fluency

          Reading accuracy

          Sight words


          Making sense of maths


 Please note that children with additional special needs are welcome.  See Me Shine Kids provide inclusive School Readiness classes, and a tutoring service, so that all children can access an appropriate curriculum for them.


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