The Childrite Seat

$360 plus postage

The Childrite seat promotes appropriate positioning and a “natural” sitting experience not just for children with disabilities, but for all young children.

The Childrite Seat was designed to meet the needs of both children and their families. It is:

•   Compact

•   Durable

•   Portable (with one hand)

•   Easy to clean

The Childrite seat measures 10.5 inches across in width and the depth from the interior edge of the pommel to the center back is 10 inches. Height of the seat measures 11.5 inches from the deepest point of the scooped seat to the top of the seat back.

•   Made of a soft comfortable foam material

For children with disabilities the Childrite Seat’s Bumbo-style wrap around back provides support to help your child sit up on his or her own. The extra wide leg openings and broad hip area make it comfortable and useful for a long time. Great care has been engineered into the seat to ensure that it is soft and comfortable while remaining sturdy and supportive.

The Childrite seat is a great option for many children who have special needs. It allows children to be on the floor with their family and peers, with a nice balance between stability and freedom, which is perfect for family and peer socialization.  The Childrite seat also encourages children to work on head and upper body control while feeling secure in their seated position.

The Childrite Seat gives families, teachers and other professionals a solution for how to seat a child with disabilities for play, and school experiences, that is going to enhance the child’s health, positioning, independence and comfort.

Please note, I understand your concerns regarding whether or not the Childrite Seat will fit your child, so I do offer a 30 day return policy on the Childrite™ seat if it does not fit your child.



Cost: $360 plus postage

Please email See Me Shine Kids if you would like to purchase a Childrite Seat.

See Me Shine Kids is proud to be the Childrite Seat Australian Distributor.

Please email See Me Shine Kids if you would like to purchase a Childrite Seat.
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